Playing Video Poker

A slot machine and a video poker is similar in the way that both games require a player to insert a coin into the machine and press the "play" button. But those are the only similarities; these two games are very different from one other. A person who often plays video poker will surely disagree that video poker is as simple at the popular slot machine.

In video poker, cards appear on the screen, and the player has to choose which cards to hold, from none at all to five cards. Of course, the player has to be familiar with the game of poker, and has to know which cards he/she has to hold to win. The five buttons in the machine are for choosing which cards the player wants to hold. The objective of video poker is to get the highest hand or the best hand possible.

The player can choose between $0.25, $0.50, $1 or $5 to bet, and the bets are from 1x, which is the lowest possible bet, to 5x, the highest possible bet. To get a new set of cards in video poker, press the "deal" button. This button will enable the player to replace the cards he/she has chosen not to hold. If you win, the video poker machine will award you credits. The credits equal the value to play the machine. For example, if you bet $0.25, each of your credit will be recorded as 25.

If you want to play again, bet how many units or coins you want to play, and press the "deal" button. You will undergo the same process as mentioned above. Press the "collect" button if you want to end the game. The machine will then give you your awarded credits. You have to remember that you have to end each round of the game with a best combination.

Playing video poker is not all about luck. Like the real-life poker and online poker, the player also has to think about his odds in getting the best hand, and winning the bet. If the player chooses to bet the lowest amount possible, $0.25, and he has the best hand, it would have been better to have bet $5 on the game. Like the popular slot machine, video poker is for players who would rather lose a small amount than a huge amount of money. However even though the money is not as big as one can get from real-life poker, it is still best to get the higher stake.